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Jul 11

More about KeystoneCare

Because of partisan games in Washington DC, Lancaster County has some of the highest costs for healthcare in the state, the highest in the state last year on the exchange marketplace. Premiums this year went up by an average of 31%. These costs eat up a large chunk of consumers…
May 29

Join Mary (and Jack!) on their June Playground Tour!

Summer is on the horizon—it's time to get outside! Join Mary (and Jack) at some of your favorite community parks. Share your family's concerns and priorities with Mary while the kids play and enjoy ice pops, pretzels, and juice boxes. See you out there! Elizabethtown Stop #1 Tues, June 12th…
May 24

Remembering Our Heroes

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and as a former military spouse this weekend has special meaning for me. I am familiar with the profound sacrifice some military families make for our country. This weekend, I’ll be all over the district at the parades and events that remember our fallen heroes. Can…
May 18

It’s National Law Enforcement Week!

This week is National Law Enforcement Week! Since the beginning of 2017 I've met with 5 of the 6 police chiefs in our district and completed 4 police ride-alongs, totaling almost 30 hours speaking directly with police officers about the issues they experience up close in our communities and what…
May 16
May 16

Thank you!

Thank you to all our poll greeters, phone bankers, friends, and neighbors for coming out and supporting us yesterday! This campaign is not about me, it’s about us—our schools, our health, our communities. We can’t do this without you and your support means the world to me! We visited polling…
May 04

Leadership Day at East High Elementary School

Thank you so much to the awesome young leaders and Principal Amy Balsbaugh at East High Elementary School in Elizabethtown for showing me around today! Your presentations were wonderful and I was so impressed with your kindness and creativity. Our public schools, teachers, and students deserve our full throated support.…
Apr 30

My family deserves more – A note from Erin Rothermel

Hi, everyone! My name is Erin. I live in Bainbridge with my husband, Sam, and our three children. I'm writing to you today because we have a candidate out there fighting for you and me! Mary Auker-Endres has been serving working families like mine her entire life and I know…
Apr 18

That’s a wrap! (Families First Priorities Tour)

Thank you, neighbors! The last two and a half weeks have been a whirlwind for me! I am so glad I got to hear what you think is important directly from you. I held meetings across the 98th--from Marietta to Columbia, Mount Joy to Elizabethtown. I also held our first Facebook…
Apr 16