Quality Education

Property Taxes

As a homeowner in the district, I know how hard property taxes can be for families and I know they’re even harder on folks who are retired or on a fixed income. The state has continued to chip away at its funding for our local schools, shifting the burden of rising costs onto you and me. Increasing the state’s share of the cost will stop the continually rising local taxes and help relieve that burden.

Support for Public Education

Public schools have become the emergency rooms for every problem in society—if we want to ask teachers and administrators to tackle these problems, we need to give them the support and tools to do so. That means fair funding based on real needs, fully staffed student support teams, and making sure that teachers have the personal and professional tools they need to serve our children well.

Universal Pre-K

Children who attend Pre-K are better prepared for school and those advantages ripple forward, improving graduation rates and even future wages. Early childhood is a key developmental stage, and all of our kids deserve access to quality public Pre-K.

Secondary Education/Technical Training

If we want to keep our graduates in our towns, we have to provide opportunities for education, technical training, and apprenticeships that are practical, geared toward our growing industries, and don’t result in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. A guarantee to our children that they can graduate with a credential debt-free that leads to a solid job means that our small towns will continue to prosper well into the future.