Working Families

Minimum Wage

The $7.25 minimum wage is a starvation wage, the bare minimum under federal law and lowest of all neighboring states—if you work a 40 hour week, you should make enough to keep the lights on and food on the table. I am committed to ensuring that working people don’t need three, four, or five jobs pieced together to keep their heads above water.


I’m committed to treating everyone fairly, making sure no hardworking Pennsylvanian loses their job or faces violence because of who they are or who they love. I’m proud to be endorsed by the Capital Region Stonewall Democrats, Equality PA, and Equality PA PAC.

Childcare/Parental Leave

Putting everyone back to work means supporting parents so they can participate in the workforce in the way that works best for them and their families. The cost of childcare is equal to private school tuition for many, causing a huge burden on working families. This, coupled with a patchwork of company policies regarding parental and sick leave, puts parents on uneven ground. Working parents with the flexibility to care for their families stay in their jobs longer, are more productive, and both the families and the companies they work for thrive.